Parent-child moments:

The remote control uses 2.4g frequency band and can be controlled independently, which is very suitable for parents and children to enjoy the parent-child moment together with multiple remote control carso


  • 1.2072-A does not include watch remote control
  • 2.2072-A rubber wheels cannot support lateral movement, but off-road is still good
  • 3. C1 Mini-S has no music, others have music
  • 4. 86 Turn off the music, you can find us to get the video
  • 5. The foam box is used for packaging, excluding the color box
  • 6. The color of the watch remote control is random, please don't mind
  • Different models have different wheel types, be sure to distinguish before purchase!!
  • If you do not understand you can consult ZWN online customer service

    $29.99 USD