1. Smooth entertainment game effects: USB2.0 transmission interface is fast / smooth, and games that aren't stuttered are enjoyable.
2.High-definition collection: The quality collection is lifelike, say goodbye to the hazy era.
3. Support a variety of operating systems: win10, win8.1, win8, win7 server and other operating systems, a variety of collection software to choose for OBS, for VLC, for Amcap and other collection software.

This USB 2.0 capture card can capture HDMI video and HDMI audio at the same time, and can transmit audio and video signals to a computer or smartphone for preview and storage. Suitable for high-definition acquisition, recording teaching, imaging, etc.

Technical specifications:
Black colour

Size: 94 * 60 * 17mm
HDMI resolution: the highest input capable of supporting 4K
Video input format: 8/10/12-bit color depth
Video output mode: YUV, JPEG
Video output resolution: Maximum resolution 1080P output
Audio format support: L-PCM
Input cable length: ≤ 15 meters, AWG26 standard HDMI cable
Maximum operating current: 0.7A / 5VDC
Operating temperature range: -10 to + 55 ℃

System requirements:
Windows 7,8,10, OS X 10.9 or later, Linux.
CPU: PC: i5-3400 or above, Notebook: i7-3537u 2.0GHZ or above
Graphics Card: PC: NVIDIA GT630 or above, Notebook: NVIDIA GT735M or above
Memory: 4G of RAM
Package Included:
1 * HDMI capture card
1 * power cord
1 * USB capture cable

1 * User Manual

$13.89 USD