Hopefully you take a lot of showers, why not enjoy them? This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker on the market with unsurpassed sound quality and volume. Whether you’re trying to set the mood for a relaxing bubble bath or a wild dance party, it gives you the freedom to play music, skip songs, increase/decrease volume, and answer phone calls all from inside your shower.

And it’s not just for the shower! We get tons of pictures from people enjoying their speaker while Paddle Boarding, kayaking, relaxing by the pool, even washing their car or doing the dishes.



ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 32mm slim and light 145g heavy sense for people to light and comfortable feeling.

EXCELLENT BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: Using the top Bluetooth module, powerful and perfect sound quality.

TRULY IMPRESSIVE SOUND QUALITY: Built in rechargeable battery supports up to 3 hours playing time at the volume to 85% of the maximum volume!

IMPRESSIVE AND FRIENDLY DESIGN:After 15 minutes without any operation since you powered on, the product will shut down automatically.

Waterproof speaker

$33.41 USD